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Salfordinsole a highly durable ready made shoe orthotic insole for running, jogging and walking which has the functional performance of a prescription orthotic with added flexibility in the forefoot and heel cup areas to help treat foot pain in active people including runners and sportsmen new to their sport.

  • A unique shoe orthotic insole for running, jogging and walking. A product of a research programme from Europe's largest School of Podiatry at the University of Salford
  • The shoe insole stabilises the foot to the neutral position enabling your shoes to perform their biomechanical job more efficiently
  • Provides firm support under the arch contour
  • Precise anatomical design of shoe insole for proven pronation control and treatment of foot pain in runners and all sportsmen.
  • Heel cup of insole holds the heel in position even after the foot hits the ground
  • More flexible SureStep-ControlTM formulation for orthotic insole material provides extra flexibility in forefoot and heel cup areas without compromising functional integrity
  • Insole manufactured from unique SureStep-ControlTM material which does not distort under the pressure of running and active sports use or degrade with time but remains comfortable and flexible
  • Shoe insole material incorporates anti-bacterial silver for odour control
  • The orthotic insoles recommended by NHS specialists.
  • Shoe insole orthotics available in individual shoe sizes to improve fit and maximise comfort for runners and all sportsmen.
  • Refined insole geometry ensures the SalfordinsoleTM  shoe orthotic insole is suitable for a wide range of footwear
  • The shoe insole is machine washable and guaranteed never to lose its supporting shape

Salfordinsole™ Flex (Orange)

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