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Heel pain and pressure relief. ProLyne™ Gel Technogel ® is an advanced reusable  self adhesive soft gel that is durable, elastic and air permeable. It adapts smoothly to the contours of the skin and alleviates ball of foot pain heel pain by providing shock absorption and cushioning. Prolyne callous foot cushions are extremely well tolerated on all types of skin and can be repeatedly washed whilst retaining their original form and adhesive properties. Remove at night and wash in warm water with a little detergent.

Gel callous pads can be re-used over many weeks and are particularly effective as they are adhered directly to the skin mimicking the body's natural fatty padding and relieving foot pain.

Prolyne gel is generally safe for diabetics to use as the adhesive properties of the gel should not tear the skin when the pad is removed. As the gel itself is sticky there is no added adhesive spread on the pad. Apply to clean dry skin.

ProLyne Technogel Gel Cushions

PriceFrom £10.75
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