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Footlactive Sensi medical grade orthotic insoles have been designed to greatly reduce pressure and friction on the feet. The orthotic is shaped to match the plantar surface of the foot providing both support and cushioning along the entire length of the foot and evenly distributing the forces of walking. This will help reduce the chance of developing foot injuries and ulceration.  Footlogics Sensi is unique in incorporating both Plastazote (a soft conformable soft expanded polyethylene foam favoured by the medical profession as the material of choice for custom diabetic insoles) and orthotic properties.

Ideal for people with Diabetes, Arthritis, sensitive feet and poor circulation, the elderly and people recovering from minor foot injuries. Footlactive Sensi features:

  • Anatomical arch support.
  • Deep stabilising heel cup.
  • Metatarsal support.
  • Plastazote non-allergic cushioning top layer.
  • Flexible yet supportive Polyurethane base.
  • Shock absorbing heel and forefoot pads.

Footactive Sensi Insoles Diabetics and Arthritics

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