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Sport injuries

Sports injuries are sometimes unavoidable or often as a result of inadequate preparation and training before extreme activity. Sports injuries and leg and foot pain can be treated by specialists such as physiotherapists and podiatrists using techniques such as hot and cold, ultrasound, laser and padding and strapping. With regards foot problems and foot pain it is essential to establish the cause of the injury to pursue the correct course of treatment.

Preventing sports related injuries

  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing
  • Warm up and stretch before active sport
  • Avoid training when very tired or in pain
  • Gradually build up to peak fitness with programmed training
  • Avoid excessive exercise without adequate training and rest periods


Acute strains, sprains ,soft tissue injury and blisters


  • Apply cold, rest.
  • Padding and strapping if required.
  • Elevate leg if there is extreme swelling.
  • Cheetahs are useful to alleviate heel pain and to give ankle support.
  • With foot pain the Salfordinsole™ orange or Orthaheel® Sports insoles are indicated to stabilise and to keep the foot in neutral. A not too rigid insole is indicated after injury.
  • If pronation is established as a cause of pain or injury a more rigid orthotic such as the Salfordinsole™ blue  is indicated
  • To alleviate heel or ball of foot pain proLyne™ metatarsal pads are indicated
  • For more minor painful sports injuries ClearZal® pain relieving gel can be applied
  • To help protect feet from painfull blisters Flexitol Blistop® can be applied


Products to help prevent sports injuries

Orthaheel Gel Heel Pain Reliever

Heel and arch support gel orthotic providing relief from most types of heel pain. Heel pain is a very common foot problem and is often caused by flattening of the foot during walking and standing, which causes excessive strain, friction and pressure in the heel area.

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Orthaheel Sports Orthotic

Orthaheel Sports Orthotic insoles align the lower limbs through to the hips to restore the feet and body back to the neutral position to help avoid common sporting injuries and to aid recovery in those sportsmen who experience pronation.

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Footactive Comfort Insoles

Footactive Comfort insole is a full length orthotic suitable for all outdoor activities where firm support, comfort and cushioning for the whole foot is required. Helps fallen arches.

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Footactive Sport Orthotics

Footactive sport. An insole for sport. Anatomically designed arch support fabricated from a thermoplastic polyurethane shell with cushioning under the heel and the ball of the foot. The insoles incorporate a built in arch support and control over pronation. The top cover is treated to provide reduction in odour. The insoles are suitable to help treat plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and achilles tendonitis. Suitable for trainers, running shoes, and hiking boots.

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