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Insoles for every occasion

Do your feet hurt after a night out, shopping trip or general walking?

We have a comprehensive range of insoles, shoe insoles and shoe inserts, for cushioning, for relief of pain or to provide enhanced comfort. Using insoles may often alleviate feet problems and foot discomfort. And we have special foot insoles that can be invaluable in providing foot arch support or anatomical support for flat feet. Gel insoles can help to prevent ball of foot pain.

For athletic use, where cushioning against the effects of repeated high-impact shock is particularly relevant, we have some highly effective inserts. Runners, sports players and power walkers should find a suitable solution here.

Sorbothane Double Strike

Sorbothane full length replacement insoles for all activities where both forefoot and heel are subject to impact shock. Available in different sizes £18.40

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ProLyne Technogel Metatarsal Pads

Prolyneô metatarsal pads are manufactured from Technogel® an advanced self adhesive polyurethane elastic soft gel. Specifically shaped to fit comfortably across the metatarsal heads and the ball of the foot Prolyne metatarsal pads provide relief from pain and soreness by absorbing shock and adapt smoothly to the contours of the foot. Ideal for relieving the pain of corns, callous and ball of foot pain, alleviate the pain of Metatarsalgia, Mortons Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis.

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Powerstep Pinnacle

Powerstep Pinnacle orthotic insoles offer comfort and relief from heel and arch pain. Powerstep Pinnacle provides the perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning for those seeking maximum comfort. By eliminating excessive inward rolling motion of the foot, Powerstep Pinnacle virtually eliminates pain or strain in your heel and arch, and even your ankles, knees and lower back.

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Orthaheel Sports Orthotic

Orthaheel Sports Orthotic insoles align the lower limbs through to the hips to restore the feet and body back to the neutral position to help avoid common sporting injuries and to aid recovery in those sportsmen who experience pronation.

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