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Arthritis, foot health and shoe fitting tips

  • Consider if you might need to fit an insole before finally deciding on the amount of room required in your shoe
  • Ideally shoes should be fastened using laces or Velcro straps
  • Shoes should be of adequate length, depth and width measured when weight bearing but avoid buying shoes too large
  • Shoes should normally be flexible at the ball of the foot
  • Heel height should normally be limited to 1”, bearing in mind a 3” heel can increase stress to the foot by up to 7 times.
  • If you can easily remove your shoe without undoing the straps or laces, they are too large.

Many people suffering arthritis and other types of foot pain can be helped by fitting insoles or orthotics in the shoes. Foot Care Supplies have a comprehensive range of shoe inserts, insoles and orthotics and have a dedicated helpline to assist customers who are unsure which insole to fit

If foot conditions cause concern, professional advice from a Podiatrist or GP is recommended. Take a look at our top 4 products below to help keep your feet healthy and pain free.

Pedigel Metatarsal Band

Elasticated stockinette forefoot band with integrated Pedigel™ polymer gel metatarsal pad providing cushioning and support for the ball of the foot. Durable and easy to fit. Relieves ball of foot soreness and pain.

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Fresil Comfort Shoe Insoles

Extra slim insoles incorporating two densities of silicone providing balanced shock absorption. Insoles can help in relieving knee, leg and hip pain. Take up little space in footwear. Ideal for ladies' shoes.

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Orthaheel Slimfit

Orthaheel slimfit orthotic insoles help realign the lower limbs through to the hips to restore the feet and body back to the neutral position and fit almost invisibly into every type of shoe or high-heel fashion shoe. £22.70 per pair

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ProLyne Technogel Metatarsal Pads

Prolyne™ metatarsal pads are manufactured from Technogel® an advanced self adhesive polyurethane elastic soft gel. Specifically shaped to fit comfortably across the metatarsal heads and the ball of the foot Prolyne metatarsal pads provide relief from pain and soreness by absorbing shock and adapt smoothly to the contours of the foot. Ideal for relieving the pain of corns, callous and ball of foot pain, alleviate the pain of Metatarsalgia, Mortons Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis.

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