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Ensure daylong foot comfort when you're on an adventure

The beautiful views of countryside can be spoilt by painful, sore feet. At Footcare Supplies we are dedicated to helping relieve all types of foot pain so we have rounded up the best insoles to absorb shock and provide supportive comfort all day long.

You can also find many other foot care products in our online foot care store, we have a selection of gel pads, gel cushions, supportive insoles and supports that will ease your pain throughout the day. Click here to visit our online foot care store.

Sorbothane Double Strike

Sorbothane full length replacement insoles for all activities where both forefoot and heel are subject to impact shock. Available in different sizes £18.40

Read more here about the benefits of Sorbothane Double Strike


Powerstep dynamic full length and ¾ length slimfit orthotic insoles offer prescription-like arch support, a stabilising heel cradle and have a double-layered cushion insole, £24.50 per pair.

Read more here about the benefits of Powerstep

ProLyne Technogel Metatarsal Pads

Prolyne™ metatarsal pads are manufactured from Technogel® an advanced self adhesive polyurethane elastic soft gel. Specifically shaped to fit comfortably across the metatarsal heads and the ball of the foot Prolyne metatarsal pads provide relief from pain and soreness by absorbing shock and adapt smoothly to the contours of the foot. Ideal for relieving the pain of corns, callous and ball of foot pain, alleviate the pain of Metatarsalgia, Mortons Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis.

Read more here about the benefits of ProLyne Technogel Metatarsal Pads

Salfordinsole™ Flex (Orange)

A highly durable ready made orthotic insole now £25.00 with the functional performance of a prescription orthotic with added flexibility in the forefoot and heel cup areas to help treat foot pain in active people including runners and sportsmen new to their sport. Available in individual unisex shoe sizes from 3 - 11  £25.00 per pair. 4º wedges and 4mm and 6mm raises also available at £6.99 per pair.

Read more here about the benefits of Salfordinsole™ Flex (Orange)

Footactive Comfort Insoles

Footactive Comfort insole is a full length orthotic suitable for all outdoor activities where firm support, comfort and cushioning for the whole foot is required. Helps fallen arches.

Read more here about the benefits of Footactive Comfort Insoles

We also have a wide range of gel foot protection products

Products are available specifically for your Forefoot, Ball of Foot, Achilles Tendon, Ankle, Heel, Toe, and Sole Click here for full details.

We also have many protective products if you’re suffering from painful bunions

Our bunion treatment products include sleeves, shields and pads, all designed to protect bunions and relieve the pressure on them. Choose the best item for your needs here. Click here for full details.

For free expert foot care advice, our free foot care newsletter and a fantastic range of mail order foot care products, visit our website and online shop

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