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Let our specially designed arch supports take the strain

If you have pain in the arch of your foot then Footcare Supplies have a product to help you...

We have a wide range of leather, gel and composite insoles,orthotics and shoe inserts that provide arch support and foot stabalisation and are designed to give you maximum relief of pain and enhance your shoes comfort. Whether a full length insole with arch support, heel cup and incorporated arch support or ¾ leather insert our range of supports are designed to provide maximum choice and comfort.

  • The ¾ length leather anatomical insole arch supports provide firm support under the foot arch and are designed to stabilise the foot and relieve pain, especially for anyone with flat foot problems
  • The Powerstep and Powerstep Pinnacle composite orthotics provide a firm arch support and stabilizing heel cradle in a full length orthotic insole
  • Diamondback inserts incorporate an arch support into a shock absorbing gel heel pad while taking up little room in the shoe.
  • Fresil ¾ is a comfortable shock absorbing silicone gel insert with a gentle gel arch support
  • Orthaheel Regular is a ¾ length composite insole that provides firm instep support and stabilizing heel cradle.
  • Our range includes Footlogics, Langer Bio Soft and Salfordinsole all suitable to treat plantar fasciitis

Fresil 3/4 Shoe Insoles

3/4 length silicone gel shoe insoles with gentle instep elevation to help relieve foot pain and dual density silicone heel cup for superior shock absorption. Available in three sizes £24.00

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Tuli's DiamondBacks Gel Heel with Arch support are designed to provide superior shock absorption, arch support and comfort for your feet. DiamondBacks incorporate Tuli's successfully patented waffle design which most effectively duplicates nature's own shock absorbing system in your feet.

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Prolyne Leather Covered 3/4 length arch supports

Suitable for flat (valgus) feet. These semi-rigid arch supports are leather covered reinforced, thermoplastic shell insoles designed to stabilise the foot and relieve pain. Fit most types of shoes.

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Powerstep dynamic full length and ¾ length slimfit orthotic insoles offer prescription-like arch support, a stabilising heel cradle and have a double-layered cushion insole, £24.50 per pair.

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Powerstep Pinnacle

Powerstep Pinnacle orthotic insoles offer comfort and relief from heel and arch pain. Powerstep Pinnacle provides the perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning for those seeking maximum comfort. By eliminating excessive inward rolling motion of the foot, Powerstep Pinnacle virtually eliminates pain or strain in your heel and arch, and even your ankles, knees and lower back.

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Footactive Medical Orthotic Short Length

Footactive Medical 3/4 length orthotic provides health practitioners with a simple yet effective treatment where functional correction is required for various biomechanical complaints. 3/4 length provides for more flexibility in slimmer shoes.

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