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Orthaheel Gel Heel Pain Reliever

Orthaheel Gel Heel Pain Reliever

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Heel and arch support gel orthotic providing relief from most types of heel pain. Heel pain is a very common foot problem and is often caused by flattening of the foot during walking and standing, which causes excessive strain, friction and pressure in the heel area. Common heel conditions are: plantar fasciitis (inflammation under the heel and arch); heel spur (bony growth under the heel); achilles tendonitis (pain in the back of the heel); cracked or split heels; bruised heels. Orthaheel Gel Heel Pain reliever is designed to realign the foot and support the arches. In turn, Orthaheel reduces the traction and strain on the ligaments under the foot, thereby relieving heel pain. The deep heel cup cradles the foot, helping the foot’s own fatty tissue to provide a natural cushioning effect and preventing the heels from cracking. Orthaheel’s Sorbon Shock Pad in the centre of the heel helps disperse shock, thereby giving extra relief.

Before using, make sure the product is accommodated comfortably within the shoes: if necessary remove the existing insole. If any discomfort occurs, remove the orthotics for one or two hours, then wear again and repeat until comfortable. If pain persists, discontinue use and consult a professional for advice. For best results, replace every 12 months. Cleaning: To clean simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak).


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