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A blister is a small pocket of fluid forming in the upper layer of the skin usually on an area of the foot subject to a shearing stress causing foot pain. This often happens within a period of hyperactivity or by wearing ill fitting footwear. Blisters are usually filled with a clear fluid called serum which sometimes can include blood (blood blister).

The fluid in blisters will usually be reabsorbed by the body within a few days. If the blister becomes infected pus will be present in which case medical help is advised.

If necessary blisters can be treated and protected by applying a soft dressing such as pedifleece fleecy web. If required a Prolyne Technogel pressure protection pad will provide a very effective thicker reusable dressing. Attention to footwear is important as the cause of the blister should be identified and removed. If the blister bursts a sterile dressing should be applied. Try not to artificially burst the blister as reabsorption of the fluid by the body is usually preferable. Attention to general foot care is important to maintain foot health.                                                                                                                                                                   

Products for the Treatment of Blisters

Metatarsal band

ProLyne Technogel Pressure Protection Pad

Self adhesive, reusable soft gel pressure protection pads for the relief of pressure and friction on any part of the foot. Available in two pack sizes.

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ProLyne Technogel Pressure Protection Pads

ProLyne Technogel Pressure Protection Pads

Heel pads for heel pain. Self adhesive, reusable gel pressure protection pads for the relief of pain on the foot . Wear on the foot for protection against shoe pressure.

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Pedifleece Fleecy Web Stretch

Pedifleece Fleecy Web Stretch

Stretch cotton fleece thin sheet padding with hypoallergenic adhesive backing. Offers protection from shoe pressure.

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